AP Capital

Active Investment Company

AP Capital is a small Active Investment Company (AIC).

Our approach is to get hands-on involved with our partners. Based on our experience the growth is never ensured with just money, but instead requires knowhow and other problem solving. Features that can only be gathered through experience. After starting or co-founding tens of companies we are proud of our track record and past success.

Our past projects have varied from simple company monitoring and board membership to international expansion and exit preparation and our services cover all the steps from the Start to the Finish.

Our services

Business plan sparring
Team building
Fund raising
Market targeting
Strategic marketing
Company monitoring
Growth management
Exit preparation

We are always happy to hear about new innovations and business ideas. The first meeting does not cost anything and might give you the necessary boost to get things evolving.


Current running projects

  • ProtoRhino Oy

    Hired into 2013 as a partner. An engineering company focused on industrial measurement projects. www.protorhino.com

  • Caidio Oy

    Co-founded in 2018. AI development company for the concrete and construction industry. www.caidio.io

  • TEKKA Webservices Oy

    Outside consultant since 2018. Internet company delivering exciting new service platforms to benefit consumers. Runs www.fiacos.fi

Some past projects

  • Primoceler Oy

    Hired into in 2012 as a partner. A laser innovation company taking over the world. www.schott.com/primoceler/

    Successful exit in 2018 to SCHOTT AG.
  • Tableonline Finland Oy

    Co-founded in 2010. A French table reservation system expanded to Finland. www.tableonline.fi

    Expansion to Estonia 2012
    .Merge with City Digital Oy in 2015.
    Successful exit in 2017 to the current management.
  • SolveIT Finland Oy

    Co-founded together with the current management in 2007. Driving IT-service company. www.solveit.fi

    Successful exit in 2014 to the initial founders.
  • Son Of A Punch Oy

    Merged between Laboratoriumm Bartending Consultancy Oy and Barbäk Oy In 2013. A high end cocktail and bartending services company. Runs Liberty or Death, Trillby & Chadwick and Pizzeria Via Tribunali. www.sonofapunch.com/fi/

    Successful exit in 2014 to current management.
  • LLoco Oy

    Founded in 2004. Assembly and maintenance company for wholesale industry. www.lloco.fi

    Successful exit in 2015 to the current management.


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

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